FREE webinar for those interested in EMF investigation

Being or Becoming an EMF Consultant

LIVE event: Monday 6AM, 5th of February 2024 (Melbourne time)
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Here is what we'll cover:

In this FREE webinar we have a look at the work of being an EMF consultant. You will learn what particular radiation types we're interested in and how those are assessed. The education process to be trained for consultant work will also be discussed.

  • What EMF radiation types are we investigating

  • How do we mitigate EMF radiation in a wholistic way?

  • How do you become a consultant through training?

When have you had enough before you'll take action to protect yourself from EMF radiation?

There is more than enough good science indicating that our exposure to EMF radiation is harming us.
The first step in improving your environment, should be the get a home assessment done by one of our consultants. They will bring the meters that can assess the body for what the exposure is and get a true insight if the body is under stress.

With a good understanding of what exactly is bothering you at home and in the sleeping environment, we can then (if there is no unfixable magnetic field problems) move on to mitigation.